Protesing Against Nigerian abducted girls
Our staff members after Tree planting activity
Kilifi pupils protesting against child sex tourism
Protesting against child sex tourism
Day of African child 2014
Kids performing at a CAOK event
Research workshop facilitors


Child Aid Organization Kenya is registered nonprofit organization in Kenya founded in 2008. It operates on a national level in the area of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (CSA), Human Rights Training and Advocacy work.The purpose of the organization is to prevent/stop the sexual abuse of children in its entire forms: reduce societal tolerance of the sexual exploitation of children; prevent entry of children into exploitation in all its forms; effectively advocate for the creation of strong, enforceable legislative environments to protect children from sexual exploitation; and ensure that children who are sexually exploited have access to a range of services that enhances their safety and well-being and supports exit from sexual exploitation.

Our Vision

A world where children and young people are safe and enjoying a happy, healthy and secure childhood.


Our Mission

To prevent child sexual abuse and gender based violence; all forms of children maltreatment and exploitation and to ensure that children and young people get access to prevention/protection services.


Join the Movement

Keeping children safe is everybody’s business. By working together, we unsure that children are safeguarded and protected from all forms of violence, abuse and exploitation.

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Join our network by liking our facebook page and in this you will ensure that the children you work with, or impact up – directly or indirectly are always kept safe. 

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